Have you noticed that as the world of business gets faster and more
impersonal, we are searching harder to find out where we fit in the
process...how to put a face with a product?

We at Golden Future Expos believe that face-to-face contact is more
important now than it ever was.  Trade show exhibiting is the most
efficient way to put your sales people face to face with current and
prospective customers. You can see more motivated buyers in a few
hours at a trade show than you can in a week of sales calls. Your
competition knows it, and they will be there.

From crafting creative marketing campaigns to our strategic sales
efforts; from our extensive pre-show exhibitor communication to
on-site management, our overriding goal is to make sure that the
exhibitor knows not only how they can benefit from exhibiting, but
also that their presence is an integral part of the attendee
experience.  We will make sure that your tradeshow is memorable,
hassle-free and financially rewarding.
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Long Beach
50+ Senior Expo
April 18th 2015
Best Western Golden Sails
Long Beach, CA
Los Angeles North
50+ Senior Expo
May 9th 2015
Pasadena Convention Center
Pasadena, CA
Los Angeles East
50+ Senior Expo
June 6th 2015
Pomona, CA
Ventura County
50+ Senior Expo
July 18th 2015
Ventura County Fairgrounds
Ventura, CA
Los Angeles West
50+ Senior Expo
September 19th 2015
Veterans Memorial Complex
Culver City, CA
San Fernando Valley
50+ Senior Expo
October 10th 2015
Airtel Plaza
Van Nuys
, CA
Orange County
50+ Senior Expo
November 7th 2015
Angel Stadium
Anaheim, CA